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The Currency, established in 2016, was organized to offer articles on topics relating to economics, business, finance, and politics. Through well-researched articles and opinions pieces, our publication allows writers and readers to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the world around them. Based out of Choate Rosemary Hall, The Currency is a rapidly expanding publication that keeps its website constantly updated with new content.  As we are an opinions-based magazine, all articles represent the views of the individual author and not the magazine or masthead as a whole.

If you enjoyed reading this magazine and are interested in business, politics, economics or finance, we hope you get involved with the publication! Contact us, so we can add you to the mailing list for writers. Though we do not hold regular meetings, writers are always given the opportunity to attend workshops in case they need guidance on their articles. There are many great things in store for The Currency, and we want you all to be a part of it. 

This month we have some exciting news to share. We are adding a Features section to the magazine; this section will cover Choate-related topics. Though there will be one Features article per issue, each one will consist of in-depth research and will typically be longer than other articles in the issue. Read Changing Climate, Changing Needs: REFORMING FEMA to understand what this new section has to offer. 

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Jack Bergantino Editor-in-Chief

Jonah Berman Editor-in-Chief

Imad Rizvi Editor-in-Chief


Nikhil Davar Finance Section Editor

Sophie Hare Politics Section Editor

Dilibe IIoeje Business Section Editor

Connie Xiao Economics Section Editor

Charles Yockey Features Section Editor

Arjun Katechia Copy Editor

Maya Lewis-Hare Copy Editor

Michael Li Copy Editor


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The Currency Magazine operates thecurrency.choate.edu and thecurrencymagazine.com. The magazine respects the privacy of its readers regarding collected information. The website collects basic data such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses from users.

The Currency Magazine website uses small files stored on your computer, known as cookies, that help us remember your settings and ensure the website works properly. No information about users of the website is disclosed. The magazine reserves the right to make updates to the privacy policy at any time. Using this website means you have accepted these terms and conditions.